AutoCount Payroll Download

AutoCount Payroll Setup 2.9.1.exe

AutoCount Accounting, Express & POS Online Setup (v1.8)

The installer below will download all the required programs (including dot net framework, Microsoft SQL Express 2005/2008/2012 and AutoCount Accounting db version and setup for you with only a few clicks.

  • Require fast broadband connection
  • You can get the newer version of AutoCount Accounting here (for contract customers only)

AutoCount Tools

Please make use of free backup tool from AutoCount to do schedule backup to local storage or FTP server.

USB Key server setup only for Dongle License user.

AutoCount Backup Server 1.9.exe
AutoCount Accounting USB Key Server Setup.exe

AutoCount Accounting Import - Excel Template

You can import the information from excel template into AutoCount via AutoCount Accounting Management Studio 1.8 using ADMIN login ID.

[AC][IMPORT] Excel

AutoCount Customer Forms

AutoCount - Change Of Address.pdf
AutoCount - Change of Service Partner.pdf